Acetic acid fermentation equipment


Technology development and manufacturing


In Aug. 2009, after integrating the advanced design of Acetic acid fermentation equipment abroad, and through technology accumulation and development, Fannuoer formed our own distinctive acetic acid fermentation technology and equipment, with independent intellectual property rights.


In Aug. 2012, Fannuoer production base of high acidity edible vinegar was established and began to produce;all the equipments in the production base were designed and manufactured by ourselves. Practices show that the concentration of acetic acid could reach to 14g/100ml, and the average transfer rate of acid could reach to 0.3g/100ml·h. Fermenting rate and final strength are both satisfactory .


When researched and developed the core Submerged Aerators, Fannuoer established the exclusive performance verification platform and got hold of all the technical curve modulus of all the parts. And then the core parts of the acetic acid fermentation equipment could be manufactured.

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